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Posted on: April 13, 2017

I really want to understand and put myself into those friends obsession towards their first born. Yeah, having no kids is stressful for those who are waiting and wishing (To have one), however , I wish they would just be  little bit sensitive towards these people who have yet to become a parent.

Being a first time parents make up a little bit more selfish. And we need to admit it. Although a simple things (that we think) is just a usual basis, could lead us to this arrogant and putting self interest a little bit much than we thought.

We, as a human being ALWAYS think, life revolved only for us and ourself. Honestly, Social media is not an helping tool. Its more towards self-destructed. I started to realise how negative social media makes me few years ago which lead to my decision to delete my Twitter. I do deactivated my Facebook for almost a year in 2015 because I cannot handle it at all. I’m clearing my mind and soul and try to see things beyond social media. Even now, I really tried my best to control each of my post so that it doesn’t sound too arrogant, or misleading information.. I promised my self not to share much on my personal life. Hopefully God protect me on this.

People sharing stuff without even think twice. It really gives a negative vibes to my everyday’s life.

However, I have no problem with friends who uploaded their kids journey once in while. Many of my bff does that in a while and I think it’s super cute. They know their limits. (Kudos to my BFF).  But those friends who uploaded every time and second, seriously need to evaluate themselves. People get annoying and you need to accept it. Ironically, when I try to speak up, these friends often being so dramatic & defensive. I just realise then, the easy way for me to handle is to just click ‘unfollow’ button or remove them from my life.. I have absolutely no problem if they do the same to me.

Do not keep things which not gives benefits to you.

As we grow old, a healthy mind is VERY important. In my defence, I apologies to all my friends if  this post hurt their feeling. Please note that I have tried my best to put myself into your shoes, I hope you do the same thing too.



Posted on: March 23, 2017

I have plenty of things to complaint about people. especially those from my workplace. But then every time i wanted to think bad about them, i started to realise that I am obviously not perfect at all to even start complaining. Yes, workplace giving huge negative vibes to me lately. I don’t find fun at the environment but I do know that they are also didn’t find me fun at all. But it’s ok.. Cause your uniqueness and values, its precious  hence let those who knows, embrace it. Who doesn’t does not matter.

I was just wanted to do my work, in silence and let the succeeds speak on its own.

Less people, less problem. 🙂


Posted on: March 21, 2017

Ironically in this world, people who respond to some statement in a negative way, is always those whom with low knowledge or IQ. Despite being irritated with them, I decided to just laughing out loud in my heart on how stupid they are, with no face expression..



Posted on: April 16, 2016

I always wonder, sampai bila kita nak cabar mencabar each other ek?


Posted on: July 31, 2015

It is always true that when your heart is attach to the dunia, you felt rather unhappy or having a heavy heart. I think I began to understand life when I am completely letting go of everything that brings me to negativity. Negative people, negative thoughts, negative environment. Leaving all those negative people are my biggest accomplishment so far.

Less people, less problem.

It is true. So when I started to read some motivational books like ‘The monk who sold His Ferrari’, ‘The Art of Thinking’ etc, i began to understand that life is not that complex and complicated. You just have to be rational. Right now, I am began to be selfish for my own sake. I never want to tolerate with Bad people, unhappy thoughts, dealing with past as it is just some shit that you won’t be dealing with anymore.

I never felt happier when I put ME in every situation. I am very happy that I let GOD in most of my time, and I don’t think much of others. What God think matter the most. I couldn’t care less now as I will be rational to them and it is up to them to accept the fact. I never question their behaviour or what as it would be the last thing to think off.  But i do accept criticism and take is as self development and growing. Keeping my circle small is healthy and encouraging as I will never deal with bullshit and drama anymore.

now that having somebody to rely on, are the best of all.


Posted on: February 4, 2015

I am now at the point where I began to worry whether to take Phd or to gamble with life for a year.

I just finish my Masters and I still can’t see the light of my career.



Posted on: January 27, 2015

How very difficult to make a decision. I was too over confident over something. And sometimes too loud about making a point. I still can’t smell my future. I have a dream that is impossible to achieve. I was very demanding over the thing i choose for. Right now, when everything feel ok is not completely ok. And still I have to make choices.

But one thing that is true is, the more you feel comfortable and finding yourself, the more you loose people.

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