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Posted on: March 23, 2017

I have plenty of things to complaint about people. especially those from my workplace. But then every time i wanted to think bad about them, i started to realise that I am obviously not perfect at all to even start complaining. Yes, workplace giving huge negative vibes to me lately. I don’t find fun at the environment but I do know that they are also didn’t find me fun at all. But it’s ok.. Cause your uniqueness and values, its precious  hence let those who knows, embrace it. Who doesn’t does not matter.

I was just wanted to do my work, in silence and let the succeeds speak on its own.

Less people, less problem. 🙂


Posted on: March 21, 2017

Ironically in this world, people who respond to some statement in a negative way, is always those whom with low knowledge or IQ. Despite being irritated with them, I decided to just laughing out loud in my heart on how stupid they are, with no face expression..


Rumours travel faster than wind.

Only the brighter’s of all choose to seek the truth,

between the line and the sound.

Today, I was runing the whole seremban looking for a veterinar. My mom’s cat has not been eaten for the whole week. I was crying the whole day looking at his condition. very thin and venurable. He used to scream and shout everytime I touch him but today, he just let it be. He don’t have any energy to fight at all.  
At most of the time, I knew I should have forced him to eat, today he only managed to drink some milk+water. Just when I’m not looking. I couldn’t believe I cry over a cat. I used to have a very thick heart. It just something about animals make us human, felt venurable.

Stay strong cat. please. until the next day. I pray to God all the time that He gives you strenght to fight. 

Thank God

Posted on: January 16, 2017

not really liking the idea of revealing everything in my life to social media but, Thank God I found you. 💙 since 2014. Happy Anniversary.



So, last year Christmas (well actually a few weeks ago), I celebrated my birthday with -20-degree (MINUS 20!) weather at Harbin, China. It was, once in a lifetime experience. Never in my life to think, I will be here, and its snowing, on my birthday.

Stories coming soon. I am quite packed with work these days.

Picture at Volga Manor, Harbin.



Posted on: December 5, 2016

There will be plenty of things will be happening starting 2017. I cannot wait any longer. 😁

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Currently in Edin <3 :)

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