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How to educate your kids to respect other people.

Posted on: March 28, 2012

How do your parents educates your behaviour?

My dad always the strict one, in terms of being respect to people. I think that is why i’ve being so cautious and careful about what i’m gonna say. But well as a human, we can’t be too much confident of our self is perfect than the others bcz ppl might not agree at all. FYI, i’m quite harsh with words only to some ppl i think i need to be harsh. But i just wanted to shared this with.. whoever reading this.

How did my father raised me up?

I’m not ashamed saying My childhood basically in Felda quarters environment. I think this is probably the best childhood experience in my life. Kalau nak cerita sampai esok pun tak habis. But i enjoyed every single living in Felda Quaters. Father works as The manager so.. we kinda moved to lotsa diff places. But since I was a kid, there is few parameters that my dad treat us. and i really hope this can be my own parameters to teach my kids as kids nowadays is horrible !

Start with a simple thing. How To be Respectful to the others.

1. During prayers, none of us (siblings) were allowed to keep watching TV (He will automatically switch it off) , to be inside our room or do whatever we do. He will called us to the living room and we will together listen to the prayers.

2. As the youngest, i stay at home as all of my bros+ sis went for Sekolah Asrama. So, everyday, I need to mengaji with my father. this had been practiced Muqaddam since i was 5 years old. I started to follow them praying when i was 6 and  practiced on my own when i was seven. Yeah it’s kinda late.

3. My mom always nagg. and i think most ppl knows how much I hate getting that nagged (esp by mom, well sapa suka?). But, everytime she nagging me around (happened since i was 9) of course kekadang ada jugak melawan. Father said i was the only person who like to Lawan semula. But father never get mad at me.

4. When Angah and Alang done something serious (back in school) and Father were really upset about it. Father beat them after he asked mom to brought me and stay in the bedroom. But i can clearly listen to Alang and Angah cries loudly at the living room. I was thinking They must had done something really serious. because father is not the kind of that person who likes to beat.

5. I once failed to do calculation as i got 30% in the test. this is when i was in standard three. Dad throw away my maths book away right in front of my eyes. but He didn’t say a word.

6. Father always take me to town, eat KFC only once a month, just if i get good result in school.

7. He send me to school in the morning and wait for me at the gate when i finished school.

why is my Father do is important? this is the reason. (in conjunction with number 1-7)

1. To respect other, we need to train our kids to respect the ALMIGHTY. that is why sampai sekarang, just if ada orang solat dalam bilik, I NEVER SLOW DOWN THE VOLUME OF THE SPEAKER, BUT MUTE TERUS. i still think it is so NOT respectful if you sedang solat, there is still a noise inside your room. come on, tak mati pun mute suara. I think lack of people aware of how important this is. Nak jumpe and bercakap dgn Tuhan, tapi tak focus. So i’ll thanks Father so much that I kept this behaviour to respect people who tried to have peace meeting the Almighty.

2. Need to train the kids about Islam and agama since they were baby. I think new parents nowadays lack of this sense. it’s too late to train your baby when he/she was able to have friends around. Too many destruction occur. dulu tak sama macam sekarang. sekarang ada technology.

3. Bila Mom yg marah, father usually tak masuk campur. I think this is good. Because during that time, takde kes back backup anak sbb last2 anak jadi manja. Kalau salah dengan orang tu, sila tanggung sendiri.

4. Masa dengar Alang and angah kene pukul, i was literally sad. I hear every single thing, why Father was so upset about my siblings behaviour at school. Both of them were at the bording school, Father at that time was holding a huge position at Felda. one thing i will never forget sampai sekarang is this;.

Abah turun naik ladang setiap hari dari 7 pagi sampai 6 petang, nak cari duit sampai korang masuk sekolah asrama, jadi orang pandai. Ini yang korang bagi kat Abah?

5. Kids nowadays may think that it was an abuse if their parents throw away their book and as solution = lari rumah, lepak hisap rokok dengan kawan. When father threw my maths books, i noticed he NEVER said , ‘apeke bodoh sangat kau ni.’. father will just be quite. lain dgn ibu bapa sekarang panggil anak itu ini. I think because of this kids always not doing their best in studies. Its Father who started to respect me, at the first place.

6. You’ll pay your kids only after they done something to be proud of. Bukan senang-senang my dad nak bagi pape even masa i dean list every sem time diploma pun, Grad dengan jayanya pun.  Ye my father mampu bagi semua tu, but  If i want something I need to earn this myself and appreciate.

7. sending and picking your kids from school is IMPORTANT. keep them save, and control hwo are they might be with. This is the only way to show, and to ask, how do they do at school. what is their story. My father using motorbike fething me from school from kindergarten to  standard 4. and he always asked what is the most interesting part of my school today. This kinda communication u know.

this is only a few of i remember. I believe that if i asked Alang and Angah to add up, they probably had a lot of stories to share. Well, the successive of didikan kepada anak can only be seen with the kids achievement. By only looking at Along, Angah and Alang, i knew, that father, had bring out a good things, treat us and teach us very very very well!

and setiap hari as we all going well, father is growing old.


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