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The train depart exactly at 10 pm, as per my ticket. I was sitting facing this old English fella whose busy typing something on his laptop. I was wondering if the islamophobia things come to live- to me- that night. Told myself this would be remarkable that nobody minds my business on the train ride.

It was night time journey so basically there is nothing to see by the window. But it was a very pleasant and sufficient Night journey. Told myself numerous time that ‘You-shall-never-fell-asleep-this-is-your-once-in-a-million-year-milestone-every-moment-count’ of thing. I guess without even closing my eyes, I can know where the train stops, who’s the new one on Board and so much more.

At this moment and Time, England is hosting the Rugby World Cup. Basically, You may see all the man cheering and doing everything at every single corner of the streets, and it’s so fun to watch. I can see people boarding and enlighting the train, which causes the train almost empty when it reached Newcastle at 2am.


I was too excited.  I know that  someone will be my company to Edinburgh at 6am Virgin Train. It was 2 am but the liveliness of the Train station still hanging in my mind. If I am not mistaken, one of the Rugby match was held at the Newcastle stadium. Well, he is is a little bit late in picking me up even though his house is just 10 mins away (by Walking). I’ve got extra nervous waiting at the Newcastle Train Station by myself.

But walking to his house would be very funny jokes. with my stroller bag. It’s super duper autumn cold at night/morning and with drunk English man everywhere plus me wearing my hijab. Although I don’t mind, he calls a cab. So basically we reach his home around 3pm.

Unlike Malaysia, English house is like a town house, with the main door and 3-floor house normally rent with a family. His house at the 3rd floor. Although it was cold and breeze, I need to take a bath. I really do. And there is hot shower (YAY!!!).

It was nice to be served by Salmon Aglio Olio that early morning. I ate few plates with a very pleasant feeling before heading to his bedroom with a gentle reminder to wake up at 530am, although there are just a few hours left.

We say goodbye before heading to bed. I was scared of not waking up the next day. but, well, not just that.  a very good gentleman sleeping at the living room and before I know, I was falling into a deep sleep with a wonderful dream.


Ops, no picture this time. Because there is nothing much to see at night. 


Travel Notes: Amsterdam City and (Half) Naked women

Fighting jet lagged is the worst. I woke up around 4am local time and find that the others have trouble in sleeping too. Thanks to the WA group. Wondering on the bed was not fun. Someone has sleep soundlessly. It was 9° n the morning and I could just pray to asleep.We stay at NH Zoetemeer so it is quite far from the city centre (40mins via bus). Hotel is good and comfortable. Bath tab is a must for those who wants to feel lovey dowey with the loved ones.

But well, how about stroolling around the city and started running. Yes. Thank God for bringing my running gear. Thanks to someone for remind me.

630am far away from the sunlight  I started to walk around the hotel. Its was freezing. But as soon as I got the route everything should be fine.

After almost 2 km i decided to stop. And preparing myself for today’s visit.

Visiting the dutch village is totally an eye opening where life could and should be simpler and away from the chaotic city. Here, its all about the cheese, goats, farms, wooden shoes and plenty more. The windmill is magnificent too.




After few stroop waffles and ice-cream we decided to head back to the city. Amsterdam traffic is not a joke too today. But we manage to arrive after nearly an hour. I was hungry. And there is a plenty of choice of food you could ask for. So no worries. Halal food is easy. And lovely. And only takes you 5-6€ er meal. Don’t convert to RM la darling. If not you will not survive thinking about the cost.

We decide to stroll around using the canals. Its was so so. I preferred to walk and experience myself at the city but now i can imagine people living in the boat. I heard that renting the boat parking to the gov cost you nearly 1 mil euro per month. Wow, must be rich.

Then I’m heading back to the Royal Palace Amsterdam, and De Dam square in front of madam Tussaud. Lovely scene is everywhere. Used to hear a lot about performances and art during the Medieval and Renaissance area and my mind could stop saying Alhamdulillah for every opportunity to witness it by myself today.


What is in the book are now right is at the  front of my eyes.

It was fun  to just walking around and stop by the souvenir shops where i get myself a snowball and keychain. The cheap one is always easy to be found. Don’t worry travelers, keep walking.

Then we stop by this nuttella shop called Mario after eyeing this wonderful churros by the window.  Spend about 5€ for churros and 6€ on the chocolate waffle. There is a free WIFI at every cafe so chill out a little bit. The taste is wonderful and we decided not to waste anymore seconds and keep on walking at the streets.

 The bicycle here is insane. They are too fast. It is dangerous to keep crossing by the streets. I can smell the weeds everywhere too.

Found this halal chicken on the streets of Oude Hoogstraat 29C and decided to take 2 piece for 4€ then we walk through the red light district where the sex workers claim to be respected. It is not advisable to take picture here as their guardian will just smack you on the face.


  1. There is a lot of Halal Food to be found as low as 3€ here so no worries. Just keep walking. 
  2. Respect other people culture. 

What funny is there is church behind the area. I really wonder their concept of making sins and go bertaubat later.. but well, every culture has its own story. I am not sure about this one .

We spend walking tour till night where the coldness attack us through the veins. I am too overjoyed looking at the scene. The town is still busy. And I can’t wait to heading to Paris tomorrow.


For now, bye Netherlands.


Posted on: August 14, 2015

God has his own way to speak to me. And i can’t help it. Its just too amazing.

Surah Al-Anaam:

Verse 164:

قُلْ أَغَيْرَ اللَّهِ أَبْغِي رَبًّا وَهُوَ رَبُّ كُلِّ شَيْءٍ وَلَا تَكْسِبُ كُلُّ نَفْسٍ إِلَّا عَلَيْهَا وَلَا تَزِرُ وَازِرَةٌ وِزْرَ أُخْرَىٰ ثُمَّ إِلَىٰ رَبِّكُم مَّرْجِعُكُمْ فَيُنَبِّئُكُم بِمَا كُنتُمْ فِيهِ تَخْتَلِفُونَ

Katakanlah: “(Sesudah aku mentauhidkan Allah dan berserah diri kepadaNya) patutkah aku mencari Tuhan selain Allah, padahal Dia lah Tuhan bagi tiap-tiap sesuatu? Dan tiadalah (kejahatan) yang diusahakan oleh tiap-tiap seorang melainkan orang itulah sahaja yang menanggung dosanya; dan seseorang yang boleh memikul tidak akan memikul dosa perbuatan orang lain (bahkan dosa usahanya sahaja); kemudian kepada Tuhan kamulah tempat kamu kembali, lalu Ia menerangkan kepada kamu akan apa yang kamu berselisihan padanya.

Verse 165:

وَهُوَ الَّذِي جَعَلَكُمْ خَلَائِفَ الْأَرْضِ وَرَفَعَ بَعْضَكُمْ فَوْقَ بَعْضٍ دَرَجَاتٍ لِّيَبْلُوَكُمْ فِي مَا آتَاكُمْ إِنَّ رَبَّكَ سَرِيعُ الْعِقَابِ وَإِنَّهُ لَغَفُورٌ رَّحِيمٌ

Dan Dia lah yang menjadikan kamu khalifah di bumi dan meninggikan setengah kamu atas setengahnya yang lain beberapa darjat, kerana Ia hendak menguji kamu pada apa yang telah dikurniakanNya kepada kamu. Sesungguhnya Tuhanmu amatlah cepat azab seksaNya, dan sesungguhnya Ia Maha Pengampun, lagi Maha Mengasihani.


The original plan is to go to Phuket, Thailand but our mommy is quite concern with the safety of the land so after a long talk, we decided to choose Langkawi Instead.

well, honestly, Langkawi is not a bad choice at all! The beach are clean, soft and nice.

I’m overspent at Langkawi, especially on food. hahaha but who cares. It’s my birthday bash anyway. (Total expenditure for the whole trip : RM401.65)

DSC_0580 DSC_0709 DSC_0762

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I had an awesome travel buddy. heheheh looking forward more to travel together with her. 🙂


Posted on: December 30, 2013

This year, i had the most amazing feeling for my birthday. Not because of the celebration with the people that I love but, because after all I realized that appreciating yourself on your special day is the best so far.

On the 24th, I didn’t even went online, checking for any birthday wish on social media (except for whatsapp). I woke up at 6am that day. I did some house cleaning like cleaning the toilet, the house, my kitchen, feeding the fish, watching TV, and enjoying myself  being alone at home. and i felt perfect. ❤ . I go swimming at 10am until 11am. i think because it was Christmas eve morning so, the pool was mine. I enjoy all the city scenery from the pool and once again, i felt perfect.

You know, it’s not that bad celebrating your birthday alone after all.

later at the noon, i went for groceries shopping and cooking lunch for myself. I made a simple lamb curry and roasted potato. a treat for myself. then after that, i watch Victoria Secret Fashion show on TV. hahaha. Later that day, i went for swimming again and yeah, the pool was totally mine that day. awesome right. I bet everyone is going for tea time and Christmas eve dinner. Hurrah again.

and my celebration continue when my bff pick me up for a birthday dinner which i appreciate it very much. I just love that night with all the surprises. It was calm, relaxing and amazing. Thanks also to the other person who completed that night with a phone call too.

Alhamdulillah, praise to the Almighty. I live for another year and  I never been as happy as before. 2013 gives lotsa bad memories but well, a book would have its own story line isn’t it?


This is a very interesting conversation between me and few friends weeks ago. In our group, it seems like me, nik, and zati who has nobody (apparently) and me and nik are quite not try to care for not having the special one into our life. For us it is normal, although its not normal for certain people.

We both come to agree that, to find Mr right you will immediately have an instant feeling on it. It’s when you sit on the table, together, and there is sparks between you and that lucky Mr right. That kind of sparks is not easy to find. Several ppl might disagree with this bcz they thought relationship need to work things out blablabla. It just after several disappointment in my love life, I began to understand the difference between, loving someone, liking someone and finding a soulmate.

This conversation gets deeper when Fazreen arrived. For having almost 8 years long distance relationship she began to discuss about luck in relationship and all. What caught my attention is her idea about a soulmate. We both knew that loving someone and to be loved by someone is a big matter but how will you know if he is the right one?? Relationship is a gamble for certain circumstances. Even if you get lucky to love and be loved, it does not mean that he is your soulmate.

Then I began to summarize what a soulmate is all about. Sometimes its not the sparks, connection or the chemistry (no sciences applied here, come on be real).
A soulmate is your reflection. He is your mirror. When you look at him, you see yourself in him. And when you see yourself on that person, you began to understand yourself better. You began to realize your own specialty and flaws through that person. And when this happen, you will automatically fix yourself without even need to be ask to do it. Because you know how not perfect you are and what is need to be perfect for your soulmate. And when you understand this concept, you will appreciate every detail of that person. That’s come the concept of fulfilling your other half that is missing. Your soulmate will add it for you. Adjust it for you..so at the end both of you will be equal.

I just disagree when people said the soulmate is the one who knows you better than your self. Honestly, No one knows you better unless your own self (for god sake, people don’t be too cliche on this!). You have to know your own self before ever think of letting anyone else into your life. Your mix feelings will hurt others deeply at one point later on, so don’t play with fire.

I agree with most of our discussion during that night. Sometime it is true. A soulmate does not necessarily will become your lovers. It may come to the terms of friendship or anything. and as long as you are fully aware and realize of their existence. Your soulmate maybe the one who standing right next to you, but well, as a human, we will always miss to look at certain point.

so my advice. Open your eyes. Open your heart anywhere where it is needed. And love yourself. After all, YOU ARE YOUR OWN SAVIOR.

20140123_152220Photos of my recent trip to Bamboo Island, Krabi Province, Thailand.

p/s: Grammar Nazi alert! Lol my english is not good right now.

You know sometime, it is not about thing we shouldn’t do because of saving our self from it,
I feel like it is somehow, what a right thing to do to save our self. from heartache, hard feeling, and unhappiness. 

We are not living in this world forever, and if it takes just one minutes to do thing right, i want to take the opportunity too.

+ she says +

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