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Thank God

Posted on: January 16, 2017

not really liking the idea of revealing everything in my life to social media but, Thank God I found you. ūüíô since 2014. Happy Anniversary.


So last night I had this very conversation with H through Skype. He told me how he had to coop up with the rain and wet socks everytime he reached ¬†the workplace.. ¬†I don’t know if I wanted to laugh or felt terrible of his current situation. H looks promising and the conversation lead to the current hot topic, Global Warming.

yeah for those who haven’t¬†watch the documentary “Before the Flood”, I encourage you to do so. Unfortunately, youtube has restricted the free view on their youtube site. It is kinda scary though. To see how the world has evolved caused by human actions. We discussed a lot on that particular topic cause we love talking about it compared to the entertainment news.

Besides Global warming, we discussed how buzzfeed food could misleading the cooking skill. I am with the fact that western cuisine are too easy and he told me there is plenty I don’t know yet. Once, I’ve tried Ravioli which turn up into some kind of disaster..¬† But I’m good in baking. H is not a sweet tooth person, as he preferred ¬†a real food. ¬†He also rejected high cholesterol¬†food such as -Masak lemak etc and yea, I can’t wait to see how he reacts¬†to mom’s food though.




The train depart exactly at 10 pm, as per my ticket. I was sitting facing this old English fella whose busy typing something on his laptop. I was wondering if the islamophobia things come to live- to me- that night. Told myself this would be remarkable that nobody minds my business on the train ride.

It was night time journey so basically there is nothing to see by the window. But it was a very pleasant and sufficient Night journey. Told myself numerous time that ‘You-shall-never-fell-asleep-this-is-your-once-in-a-million-year-milestone-every-moment-count’ of thing. I guess without even closing my eyes, I can know where the train stops, who’s the new one on Board and so much more.

At this moment and Time, England is hosting the Rugby World Cup. Basically, You may see all the man cheering and doing everything at every single corner of the streets, and it’s so fun to watch. I can see people boarding and enlighting the train, which causes the train almost empty when it reached Newcastle at 2am.


I was too excited. ¬†I know that ¬†someone will be my company to Edinburgh at 6am Virgin Train. It was 2 am but the liveliness of the Train station still hanging in my mind. If I am not mistaken, one of the Rugby¬†match was held at the Newcastle stadium. Well, he is is a little bit late in picking me up even though¬†his house is just 10 mins away (by Walking). I’ve got extra nervous waiting at the Newcastle Train Station by myself.

But walking to his house would be very funny jokes. with my stroller bag. It’s super duper autumn cold at night/morning and with drunk English man everywhere plus me wearing my hijab. Although I don’t mind, he calls a cab. So basically we reach his home around 3pm.

Unlike Malaysia, English house is like a town house, with the main door and 3-floor house normally rent with a family. His house at the 3rd floor. Although it was cold and breeze, I need to take a bath. I really do. And there is hot shower (YAY!!!).

It was nice to be served by Salmon Aglio Olio that early morning. I ate few plates with a very pleasant feeling before heading to his bedroom with a gentle reminder to wake up at 530am, although there are just a few hours left.

We say goodbye before heading to bed. I was scared of not waking up the next day. but, well, not just that.  a very good gentleman sleeping at the living room and before I know, I was falling into a deep sleep with a wonderful dream.


Ops, no picture this time. Because there is nothing much to see at night. 


26th November 2014

AH: Something happened to me today.

Me: Yeah, what is it?

AH: I experienced typhoon.

Me : How is it? really?

AH: Nay, Typhoon is scary but then I was wondering, which is scarier, typhoon or loosing you.

Me: You are too sweet honey! Make sure you put that in your column.



Come back fast! Hope you’re safe anywhere you are.


Alhamdulillah, Syukur kepada Allah yang maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang. Kerana janji dari Nya itu pasti dan mudah dan penuh rahmat serta keberkatan.

Ini kerana sejuta kekecewaan yang dia beri pada sahabatku Dalila, Beliau kirimkan makhluk yang paling paling sempurna untuk dirinya, InshaAllah.


From bestfriend to lovers. Fairy Tale do exist. You just have to keep on believing.

Datang :)

Posted on: January 14, 2014

Sudah pun bernyanyi sepi.
aku bisa rasa girang.
aku sedang mematikan hati.
lalu kau datang.
(Puisi: Fynn Jamal)


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