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Travelogue EU&UK: WHERE IS MY £50????

Posted on: September 5, 2016

where Today To Do List

  1. Windsor (1/2 day)
  2. Chelsea Football Stadium
  3. Convent Garden
  4. Chinatown
  5. Regent Park
  6. London Central Mosque

I should be heading to Windsor this morning but  it expected to rain all day long. With the low will of my power, I cancel the plan. I am so sad. Going to the castle in the rain is not nice as there is no pedestrian path with rooftoop at Windsor. I am very sad as I always wanted to go to Windsor. I definitely know that this is a sign of returning. But come back to reevaluating the plan, as usual, I decided to be back at Oxford streets again just to know that I can not avoid shopping anymore. From Richmond Station, It took 40mins  tube ride to Tottenham Court station. And this time, Shah is very late.

There is two Primark at this area. but if you stop at Tottenham Court station, there is Primark just across the street which you may never miss it. It is at the almost at end of Oxford Streets. I went there and spend another £26 for Harry potter sweat shirt (£10), socks (£2) and jewelry (£4). I can’t track another £10 but I am sure it went somewhere.  Socks is too cheap in here around £2 and I could get 6 pairs.

Even I am quite shocked to spent that MUCH money but whatever. The harry potter sweat shirt is a must buy item. Shah just lost in the sea of people.

Today itinerary changed to the British museum. Again, FOC.  I am glad to be here. We spent nearly 2 hours inside this amazing museum. Shah planned to follow another friend somewhere north and  while waiting for Haq to arrive again, I took the opportunity to take a look at all mummies, and souvenir shop.


#SyiqahTravelTips: just buy anything you want. I got myself this for £3.




Haq arrived around 3.30pm.  Told him I wanted to go to convent garden and suggest to take a walk pass through LSE (H former university), and then to convent garden. My feet is nagging but I must not let myself down.

IMG-20151006-WA0027img_20151006_145549.jpgConvent garden is great. I’ve seen some cool shops and try out Ben’s cookies. I also take it away with £7.25 in a tin of four cookies  Awesome possum. Hiks. Although it started to raining, we quickly heading to Chelsea fc stadium cause the store will be close at 5pm. Lobster can wait!!!! The journey from Convent Garden to Chelsea is around 30 mins. The stadium looks like a school from outside  . I grabbed this opportunity to take a picture and proudly sent it to my brother. The mega store is on sale. I also grabbed some shirts for £10 (sorry cannot help myself). And Haq gets his mafia. It started to rain again.

Before he was forced to belanja me, he tookk me to Harrods to see Lady D and Dodi statue and saying, I need to tell other people that I came here. Ok I WENT TO HARRODS and still find it funny why people fancy this mall.


So at Burger and Lobster, for £20,it was worth it. with some discount, if you pay online in the restaurant. Again we talk endlessly. knowing I may not return anytime soon, I was so sad that this is my last day in London. I made a promise to myself that I will definitely come back.

After a full stomach and hugging each other. We say goodbye. I Need to bear an hour train ride to Richmond.

To sum  my total expenditure today:

Primax £26.
Topup £5
Souvenir £3
Cookies £7.25
Chelsea £10
pad £0.45 pence



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