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Travelogue EU&UK: Understanding Tube Map and Walking experience.

Posted on: August 27, 2016


I had a very long conversation with my Aunt upon my arrival last night and it drives myself crazy as I woke up around 6.30am (CONSIDER THIS AS VERY LATE!) and noticing that the girls still not wake up for school. I told my Aunt that I would love to walk them to school and see the school by myself. My aunt is happy, I can tell by looking at her face. I change to the normal look, which is EXACTLY not what I’ve planned for #syiqahOOTD but I’ll go whatever with this.

The school located on the upper hill and walking the girls to school is fun as I can see how lovely the mat salleh are. With morning greetings, with smiles and walk the kids right to the front door is just awesome. The teacher is waiting for the students to arrive and greet the parents with a smile. I could see the kids will park their mini ‘motorcycle’ nearby their class and all done is a very systematic way. I love how they trained the kids. I can’t take a picture here, as they considered it as very rude to simply take photos at the kids school.

After walking Dareen to school with my aunt, I straight going to the train station. Time close to 9.40pm. Shah is waiting and  would scream if I’m late, again. and OH NO it started to rain. grrrrr.. Hold on rain! I reached the station 30 mins later.

Thing about the underground tube is, as a first timer, obviously I’ve got so confuse on where should I stand.. Richmond Station both serving the tube and the Train. I was almost got into the train ride, however I was saved by this customer service girl asking me to run to the tube line. Of course considering my Panic attack, plus Shah is waiting (He is scarier when he got mad!). We planned to meet up at South Kensington.

For today itinerary is.

  1. National History Museum
  2. Victoria Albert Museum
  3. Science Museum
  4. Imperial College
  5. Tinseltown
  6. Portobello Road
  7. Regent Park
  8. London Central Mosque
  9. Regent Zoo
  10. Oxford Street
  11. Convent Garden

Ok  now #LondonTubeTips .

  1. Get yourself a tube map or just download the apps.
  2. The price consists according to the Zone. There is Zone 1-6. London city is in the Zone 1. Richmond is Zone 4.
  3. You need to know where you go. And where are the nearest Tube. Then Check the map on which Zones.
  4. Top up your card!


National History Museum, Victoria Albert Museum, Science Museum & Imperial College (4 hours in total)

Since it was a very cold and chilly Monday, I decided to VISIT all free museums. Hehehe.

Although the plan is to meet up at South Kensington, we ended up meeting at Nothing Hill. Which I can’t remember why. The reason why we should meet at South Kensington is because it was the nearest station between all the museums. Our first stop is National History museum, followed by Victoria Albert Museum and sneak peak at Imperial college, and Science Museum. I spent nearly 2 hours in this area.  I love the fact that all of then are located near to each other. By our third museum visit, It was raining and we running here and there and the rain has no mercy. My socks are wet, and umbrella isn’t working. But time is very limited (It was already 3pm!) to think all the constraint now. The concept is redah. and the feeling of running in the rain with this fella is something I will never forget.




At the same time, Imperial college is having an open day. Some guys were approaching us to take the picture. They ask us what course are we in, and I bet by looking at how I dress, it was very impossible to say I will be enrolled at the imperial college. It was very nice of them though to say that. Told them that they must be very smart to get a place here. They were giggling and smilling. We depart by saying good luck and all the best and make your country proud.



Tinseltown + Bayswater 

We heading to the Bayswater area and pass through the Hyde park, and Royal Albert hall for pictures. I should be running here with Ted this morning  but it was raining and we need to cancel our plan. The 6Km park amazed me even we’re just crossing it cutting to the oxford street.



It was raining and I was hungry. I stopped by Tinseltown for some milk shake  as recommended by Mike and we heading to the Bayswater for the souvenir. I spent £6 for the milk shake and £15 for souvenirs.

#SyiqahTravelTips: souvenirs at Bayswater are a lot cheaper than any other part of London. Make sure to come here for souvenirs. Be nice and you might get a lot of free stuff from the shop owner 🙂 I’ve got myself free pen! 


But since I am on the budget so I just take a stroll around. We tried the fish and chips at this Halal Restaurant located near the Bayswater underground station and well, quite disappointing.

But we were hungry and that is a lot cheaper than any other. £7 per plate. I was meeting my best friend, Haq later and ask him for some extra sock and mind is just too wet.

Diary of a shopaholic  

Haq finally arrived from Guildford. I am so happy. He was late but never mind. he take us to Primark for shopping and I am avoiding myself here. Lots of cool stuff and cheap stuff here but ok fine. We went for a coffee nearby called Pret A manger for some coffee. I had my usual Croissant and Latte and then we shared stories.



After an hour, I decided to check them up at Primark and decided to look forward sports direct for another shopping and I couldn’t get away from shopping anymore. I bought one pair of shoes for £3 and shirts for my parents (A pair for £11). It was cheap cheap.

We are also heading to the Nike town and I see all the cool Nike stuff here. But I am Skechers girl. Don’t bother much on this. But knowing Fakhitah loves Nike, I took a picture showing her and hoping she would be extra jealous.



Based on my plan, I failed to attempt 6, 7, 8, 9 & 11 of the itinerary. It rains non-stop though. Now I get it why people are wearing black and grey in here. because it was raining all day. I wanted to go home because it is quite late. Haq walked me home although it took him another hour to Guildford (Plus, Pierre Herme Macaron). Takes mate. I am very very happy!


To sum  my total expenditure:

Souvenir £18
Milkshake £ 5
Moms & Dad outfit £ 11
Topup oyster £ 5
Museum donation  £1




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