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Travelogue EU&UK: old city- Newcastle Upon Tyne

Posted on: August 26, 2016

So, we went back to Newcastle at 630PM train. This is indescribable feelings. Leaving Scotland is like leaving a dream, I will be very difficult to move on, I know..  However my train ride is still awesome. We talk like it has no end and laughing, giggling telling stories while watching the sun goes down through the window seat and somehow  the feeling are just fantastic.

Upon reaching Newcastle by 830PM, my stomach started to nag me around. Issac decided to take this opportunity to force us trying out his favourite Arab restaurant that served rice. He seems to know that I cannot take it any longer ( I honestly  can but I think my face doesn’t). We got there by bus, (which cost 1.55£ for 20 mins ride and finally), we got rice for dinner. yippie.

It was Three storeys building and the owner seems to know him very well (Nampak sangat kaki nasi). Without really going through the menu, I know, I wanted Lamb. Surprisingly, the price is cheap and one plate of £7.95  of Mandy lamb which actually  can be shared with 3 person. But since we all quite tamak then, we ordered one each.. the lebih we tapau/take home (Malaysian sangat).

What a FANTASTIC FOOD! The food is nice.

The food is nice. BUT at this moment, I just can’t wait to take a bath. It’s kinda sweaty all day long. But the Autumn night is too cold to handle. I don’t know how to survive tonight. But we went back home with laughter all the way knowing we had a very good day today. Another £1.75 gone  for bus ticket.

Somehow the feeling of leaving at  2.30pm bus  tomorrow is suffocating and let just take a break at night.

I woke up in the morning and was served cereal for breakfast. I can help from asking the price of the retail stuff here. One pain of milk is only 75pens and the cereal box is just 3£… again, please do not convert this. I can’t help to find my self screaming to Isaac-  I want to live here!!!!!!

While waiting for 2.30pm, Isaac (again) brought me to  take a walk at Newcastle university. That morning walk spoiled by my self having my first day period. I hate this. The walk deviate to tesco metro to buy this  £1 pad.

Since last night there was a Rugby have a match at the stadium, part of the city seems a little bit dirty that Sunday morning. It was not very comfortable but, I think the Authority will settle it down later.


Newcastle University located near the roadside and it almost visible. I love that they didn’t fence the university unlike my country. The comprehensive campus can be seen near the road with an inviting experience.I love the uni that can be accessed by anyone including the public. Meaning that education is for everyone. Kids, Adults and Old folk can totally use the campus as a shortcut. Students were seeing studying at the courtyard, hugging and giggling watching the autumn leaves falls down to the shoulder. I was very grateful to experience this feelings.


Not to surprise, The conducive environment was just at the front of Architecture Faculty. In fact, I was wondering, how they keep it safe from intruders. I was pounded and I always been proud that my faculty is everywhere.



The walks continued to the city and the waterfront. There is a day market by the waterfront and I grabbed some ice cream and some postcard for myself. Wish that I could have a lil bit more money to spend as everything looks good and nice especially the painting. The Sunday market was everything I could ask for.

I was wondering why there were so many people gathering near the waterfront that day. Isaac explained that they were waiting for the bridge goes up at noon. This to allow the ship to cross by or entering the oceans. Although I can’t seem to have the feeling, we were quickly moved  to the house and to pack our stuff before going to the bus station. I thought we will be going to a bus station, little did I know, that the bus station is not exactly the bus terminal but just a bus stop. again, we booked early. so the price is only £16.5 for two.  Because there is still a time, I grabbed some coffee at the nearest place and take one last sipped to enjoy the afternoon chill in Newcastle. 130pm doesn’t feel like 130pm at all.


Then I decided that I love this place. and I wanted to live here too.

The nonstop bus departed sharply at 2.30PM and expected to  reach London by 8.15PM. It was a very long ride but since there is sunshine left, I never waste any opportunity to see the outside. I saw signage of Robin Hood village and again decided  all will definitely come back to explore.

The bus stop nearby Victoria Coach Station, London. It was at night and I was confused. My cousin lives in Richmond upon Thymes, London. According to the apps that were installed way before the trip, I know I have to go via Tube and thank god I top up my oyster card earlier on Saturday. I heading to the Victoria underground tube for 15 mins walk and quickly tab into the station. Of course, at first, I got confuse on how to change the line. There is a lot of lines, red, blue, yellow, green, purple all to a different destination. With 3 bags with me. I was thinking that perhaps, Tube is not a very good choice. It took  me an hour to reach Richmond including all the changing station’s colour line. Gladly Victoria Station and Richmond was on the Green Line.

I arrived at my cousins around 930pm and all went well. It was very tiring as you have to walk on and out at the station. Englishman doesn’t really care if you have a  lot of carriage with you, unless you ask for help. Anyway, even at night, Richmond is totally an upper east side! Clearly, they have big house, with a very classy lawn, and my cousin house located quite up the hill area. Imagine walk up there to her house?

I just hope there will no rain on the next day like the forecast says so.


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