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Travelogue UK: Scotland, The Dream Land

Posted on: July 25, 2016

So to say, I woke up quite early to actually taking a bath (I know I’m crazy!) that 5am in the morning. It was a very nice hot bath. Well, to be honest, I can’t really sleep though because of what happened in Paris. So I woke up earlier than the boys. And get ready before wake them up.

We walk to the train station for about 25 mins. Morning freeze is the best for a walk. I love walking in the city that full of history. The alley, the smell, is something very pound to me. We walk and we talk like there is no end will again, we reached the Newcastle train station. Once again, we booked the ticket quite early and it cost us around 6£ to Edinburgh. and it was two-hour train ride. The train is waiting there at 625am. We quickly get in finding our seat as it will leave exactly at 630am. Thought of filling my empty stomach but none of the stalls are open this early. I guess i just have to forget about it and think about something else.

Edinburgh- is pronounce as Edin-bero.

We arrive at Edin around 830am. I Fall in love with Edin as quickly as falling asleep. Since it is quite early, none of the shops has open yet here too. So we took that time to going up the Carlton Hills and manage to see some of the views. Interestingly, I love how they design the city. Even the steps have Lion Statue on it, crave with dignity. I love how every detail counts in design. I could never be happier if Malaysia started this approach tho.

#TravelTips : Proud Lion can be seen at any of the main sculptures in the UK. 

Let the picture do the talks here.

#TravelTips: Carlton Hill full of statues and monument, best to hike during sunrise and you can see the reflection through the monument at the picture above. 


On our way went down, we noticed the sign located at the main door of this coffee shops called Pep&Fodder.. I love the coffee shops that displayed almost all the item at the counter. Amazingly has no flies and very clean.. we take order for some hot choc, carrot cake, cappuccino and sat by the window. Hot choc is nice but the cake is quite dry though.

However, my breakfast cost me £4.7.

However, I ask the counter, what are the signature meal in Edin that I should try, she said something about Turnips and whiskey sauce.  It is quite difficult to understand the accents. Some googling-on-the-spot saying it’s as;

Haggis, neeps and tatties
Scotland is famous for its game and salmon, the national dish is haggis and neeps (innards and offal chopped up lungs, liver and heart) mixed with suet, onions, herbs and spices, all packed into a skin bag traditionally made of a sheep’s stomach. Haggis is often served with mashed potatoes and mashed swede or turnips. And don’t forget to serve with some mouth-watering whisky sauce! Traditionally served on Burns Night suppers as the main deal.

I would love to try it out but since it is a whiskey sauce, which contains some non-editable food that I can manage to eat, I guess I have to find another Scottish Dream food journey.

In the meantime, I decided to stroll back to the town of Edin. And it was a pleasant walk through the market and get ourself a Macaroon and some bakery at the morning market. It was nice to experience where the Scottish lady guiding me into choosing non-alcoholic macaron. I am so delighted and almost take it all. But since we were sharing the Macaron, I spent £1.7 only (Around £6/5pcs).



 Few pictures later, we continued our walk, and I saw this harry potter shop that selling all HP stuff but decided to hold back for a while. But then, I am quite mad for not grabbing the batch and all the hp stuff. Harry potter born in Scotland. As for your  information. Haha this is the cafe where it’s born.


Scottish people is nice. And they are not quite trendy. HNM, Topshop, Topman are everywhere. I buy some stuff for my nephews n niece and my own lil one at HNM as it has offered 60% off that day. Crazy!!!!! I bought 3 shirts and cap for my niece and nephew for onlt £6. How awesome is that? And how amazing the Mall architecture?

We kept walking till we passed by The University of Edinburgh, and National Museums of Scotland located in front of each other. This is for my opinions, the best city planning! The educational area should be surrounded by an eductaional environment. I grabed all opourtunities to visit the museum, and I love everything on display, including a try out of Scottish costume. I love it here!!!


#TravelTips:  All museum  in the UK is Free Of Charge. Yes you heard me right! 

 I love walking towards the Edinburgh Castle. I live in the moment where we were just standing at the wall, and eat our macaron with very pleasant feelings. I love that moment and it was still, clear inside my mind. Warm air breezing through my skin and when I close my eyes, I feel loved and secure.


Few hours is gone and I can’t believe how fast time flies until the reality check that We have to walk down to the city again. I passed by souvenir shops, for some Scottish ButterCookies (A must have), discounted for £1 for 4 box. I was immediately going crazy hay at the shop and spent £5 (with satisfaction) just for cookies and chocholate.





#SyiqahTravelTips: IF you fall in love with any souvenirs, just buy it. There is a chance you won’t see it again. 

It’s getting late, but we manage to have some late evening lunch and Praying at the mosque. Since again, a very limited choice of halal food, we decided to go along this Arabic restaurant for some rice (For god sake so delicious) and manage to burn £11.6.

I know how time is really haunting us right now, but since every moment counts, We hang ourself out by the Princess Garden near the river and right in front of the Castle. Just to kill time though.

SAMSUNG CSCSitting there, living in the dream knowing that I love this place. I must go here once again. InshaAllah.


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