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Travelogue EU&UK: Love in London <3

Posted on: June 29, 2016


How to love anymore after the bad nightmare in Paris. I don’t have the courage to smile at all. I borrowed my friend money to top up my expenses in London. Not to mention I missed the Eurostar Train at 11.15am because of the longgggg queue at the Immigration. I was worried but I’ll go whatever this time. I couldn’t think. Thank God is helping us (the leftovers) that Eurostar  Train gave us penalty tickets.

Via Eurostar, I have the opportunity to see the countryside of Paris. It was a very simple village. Farms. cows and green field all over. But since last night, I kept thinking of the lost money and my possibility to survive, it is quite difficult to enjoy the whole scenery.


We arrived King Cross around 1445pm and it was pretty late, honestly.


Arriving at St Pancreas Station 🙂



I toured all London attractions and covered most of it. London cab is the cutest. The street is designed for pedestrians. The city is quite clean BUT packed. I mean too packed with tourist. Perhaps because it’s Friday.

Let the picture do the talks now.





I had to breathe in the middle of every human in the train. What’s best about the tube train is it has natural ventilation. It does not rely on the air cond. The trains move so fast that you can feel the wind in your hair.

Londoners are stylish too. Even I still can’t brain wearing heel for 5km between the blocks but, it still stylish. Wish that one day I could reach that level. I only manage to walk with heels from KLCC to Pavilion and honestly that is my best record.

I have train to catch at 10pm to Newcastle before heading to Scotland tomorrow. Pretty excited honestly. We will depart from The King Cross Station. I booked the ticket through a friend, which just cost me £15 (Using his Student Card). My ticket to Edinburgh on the next day cost me only £5. So our total Journey London-Newcastle-Edinburgh is just £20.


Fun Fact: Last minute tickets  can reach up to £100. So better plan your journey.

#TravelTips : Your Train platform will  open up 10 minutes before departure. There is no need to wait like I did. (I waited since 9pm then found out about it after  asking the Customer service on Where is my train. Then the guy asked me to go drinks at the Pub while waiting). Your platform will be announced through the screen, so be aware and prepare to runnnn).

While waiting, I took some late night dinner bought at Mark & Spencer Simply Food. (Believe it, M&S food stores here are simply the best!!!! There is plenty of selection of bread, sandwiches, pasta is packed for ready-to-go travellers. I spent around £3 for Marcaroni cheese. What interesting is, they always have some packages which you can choose up to three item special for Lunch (Sandwiches/Pastas etc + Drinks/Carbonate Drink/Mineral Water/Juices +Chips/Chocolate Bar) for only £3!!!!! .There is also Pret and Manger (for coffee and Baguet), Patisserie Valerie (Delicious hand-made cakes, gateaux, and patisseries) also, Starbucks. I do take away Fresh Brew Coffee from  Pret & Manger (£4).


One thing you need to understand is, English people eat Sandwich for lunch. They are not like us, we want rice. But I don’t mind at all. Since H favourite food is also something does not require Nasi.

Waiting is terrible. I made myself queue up at Hogwarts Station for a picture before starting to wondering around here and there. Wondering around is one thing, my bag is another thing. However, King Cross is attached to St Pancreas Station. Therefore, just go round and round.


The whole journey is Amazing. Even it was at night. The train isn’t too crowded perhaps because it was a very late night Journey.

My next mission is Edinburgh. Heard that it should be pronounced as edin-bro. But lets stop at Newcastle to visit  friends.

*Notes: All photos belong to the Author and Hazie.


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