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Travelogue EU&UK: Nightmare in Paris

Posted on: April 22, 2016

I arrived in Paris around midnight after a long drive. first of all, I can’t believe I am finally here. but later, Paris wasn’t even like I expected. All the classy, high class, and stylish Paris portrayed by the media is completely false. The town is dirty and full of scary people. The upper height is very nice but the ground floor.. omg It just nonsense. It smelly, rats everywhere and not even a place you can freely walk at night.

My hotel located quite far (around an hour) from the city and the driver make us turn to the tunnel tragedy of Princess Diana and Dodi Alfayyette incidents. It was a very sad year through all the world. I remember being a teen and how it gives impact to the whole nation who loves the Princess. And I was here at the tunnel, thinking If it was me that night… how tragic can it be.

Our Hotel, Apart’City Paris located nearby the farm house but the facilities is great. It has kitchen and we can cook in here. I love this tiny apartment of us. we take a break here and rest for the whole night before continued our journey the next morning.


le Kiddo in front of the Hotel.

in Front of the Hotel.

Anyway in the morning, I am quite excited with my wool jacket hoping to be stylish but ended up looking like a bear (caused by the Jacket). However, touring Paris is fun and you can see how stylish they are. Where LV and Alexander mc queen is everywhere. The Arabs shops heavenly. I wonder why they are all so rich. I can see many branded bags was carried at both hands.

We stop by Eiffel Tower for some pictures as everyone will do it anyway and Parfume Museum.



Feeling fat and furry. haha #SyiqahOOTD

I would suggest everyone to visit this museum. There is a lot of information you can have about perfume. Ok, just  simple one, Do you know what is the most expensive flower in the world to create a fragrance?


Glass Jar to preserve the parfume. 🙂

I know but you don’t. If you want to know.. Get your butt over this museum and visit. There are also selling the best price of PARFUME! not Eu De Toilete, but PARFUME. the first ranking of fragrance i a very reasonable price. I love in here.

there goes my 20€ for 15ml Parfume- Midnight …


I am starting to get hungry and we try out this restaurant Chez Edouard, located behind the museum and Édouard VII Square, Paris, France, i think to experience this almost high-class fine dining, it worth every 25€ I have spent.


Lobster Soup + Grilled Salmon + Apple pie together with free flow orange juice.

the original appetizer should be escargot but we can’t have it thanks to Neelofa.


  1. Long queue at the tower, just don’t waste time going up but take a picture at the Garden instead. it worth much more.
  2. Souvenir and all can be easily found anywhere in the city. Up to you to compare the prices. There is this person sell 100 Eiffel tower key chain for 8€. 

At the evening, we conquered the canal by boat and have this opportunity to take some pictures on the boat. It was sunny and I almost turn to a black bear.

Then we stopped  by Galerie Lafayette for some shopping but I wanted more than just a shopping. I want Laduree. I stroll the map from Maps.me application and start searching the shop by myself.

I found Laduree and strolling the city with another two girlfriends but not loving the city at all. I bought the famous Laduree Macaroon 17.5€ and trying out their Croissant as recommended by Fakhitah for 2.8€ each. I am quite happy with Laduree service.


on our back to the Lafayette, I was stopped by  the local people who claim their passport was lost and hoping we can help them. I pity him at first but then, he started to said he has own a hotel in Canada and so on, i wonder, If you really have a hotel, you do not need any of my help. So i just quickly said sorry and left them and being quite scared of those things.

I began to worry of my safety as the sun almost down by 740pm.

The most unimaginable things happened to me is the pick pockets where I lost 300£ and 175€. I was shivering knowing a hand in my handbag and quickly grabbed it  but i am too late.

I was crying. I have no other money left anywhere. I don’t know what to do.
I’ve got to leave London the next day and this is a nightmare.

Ahhh so stress.

Famous Arc De Triomphe

Notes: All photo by courtesy from Hazie Leo and some is mine.  


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