Rasyiqah Hassan

Spoiled September

Posted on: September 30, 2014

I don’t have a quality September. And to be frank, I am kinda frustrated of how I spent the whole September. Most of the time I have done nothing. My money runs quickly than I thought. The semester had started and the first day went worst. I cannot get it what the heck happened to the faculty. My other boss being who she is as always and kept my feet off the ground. I brought the students for a site visit at Tanjong Malim and rush back to my home for Falah’s wedding (because he  invited me back at Lina’s wedding, how to say no?), spent my sunday for Fakhitah’s birthday party, went back to Tanjong Malim only noticing that it’s ok for not going back since Dr Au Yong can perfectly taking care of them, Spent RM200 to service my car which get me broke that weekend, attending conference on the next day, dinner date again during the night, running to get the Race Kit on Saturday Morning, 3km run with fazreen afterwards, going extremely mad at the office because I am unable to settle my claim this month  and tupp.. It’s the end of the month.

But it is always good to realized how time quickly pass by. I am happy for two or three things this month. But later on regretting it. The moral is: Don’t be too happy because it ruins you.

Haq is leaving to UK this wednesday and I am so sad. 😦


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