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Life biggest achievement

Posted on: February 21, 2014

I was 63kg back in February 2013. That was the month after I broke up. But fortunately to me, it was the best thing ever. My ex-bf always had the idea of me being skinny until the end of our days together which is at one point is too ridiculous to think of it. Plus, how come a guy who constantly say they love you, but actually not going to love you for who you might become through thick and thin? So ladies, beware of this type of b***s*** because you are much worth than his imagination.

The stressed had encouraged me to start something I wouldn’t be imagining at all. My best friend (Fakhitah) has introduced me to a healthy life routine and she claimed that it would give back my spirit and soul back to normal. I am the type of person who eats whatever I want, before. But truly, you may live once, but remember, you also die once. So the idea of going to the gym or running aggressively never in my list. but she help me through.

I channeled my anger and energy to something healthy. It started with a very simple 10 minutes workout session by youtube. I have to say, it wasn’t easy at all. but your determination is what makes you to keep going. She always remind me “It either you do it now, or you do it at never”. All in my mind that time is to have a good life and body (which is an extra).

But I feel you who are now starting it. Yes it wasn’t easy. But the tips is keep doing it for 3 days and get rest for one day. this is to prevent your body to me lazy again for routine and building up the muscle. and eventually, it will become a habit for the next and continuous month.

The next one is cutting bad carbo. In order to have a healthy life is to have a healthy diet. Cutting carbo is also not easy. From rice to oat? come on, who can take it? I know how it feels to hard but we never know if we never try. I survive for a week dinner with oatmeal and survive until now. Remember that it’s your mind who control your body and not your body controlling your mind. I also managed to cut my favorite cupcakes and all sweet paradise dessert but well, it is ok to have it once a week. but you really need to be discipline. But hey don’t get me wrong, me and Itah still eat our favourite food but we choose the food and the amount wisely. be positive and don’t have to starve yourself just to be thin.

few weeks after liking my new routine, Fakhitah asked me to start running with her. Running is not my thing at all. seriously, but I give it a try. One the first day, she trained me for for only 3 km and I almost collapse. But the feeling after is completely good. So she trained me to run until I manage to run straight for 5 km non stop for almost two month. Babe, the journey is never easy. You can not expect that you can do everything in a short period of time because good thing take a while. Plus, i never had a good timing on running. my 5km took me almost 40 mins to finish. but keep going. Number is not a big issues here. And yes, I am still at my slow pace even right now.

my routine still continue until today. I also do some workout at the gym and go swimming and making sure that i do the cardio workout atleast 4 times per week. Discipline is really important and controlling your mind on what you are about to eat. Plus, it would be great if you registered some running event so you will have something that encourage you to keep on running.

February 2014- my weight now is 52.8 kg. I don’t really fancy the numbers but I know and realized, I have no short breathe to use the stairs at the faculty at all, and you body feels great at anywhere. Fitting your old small jeans is just a bonus. Getting FIT is my biggest achievement :).

and I am way happier than before, I never felt lonely as I always meeting new people,  joinning the running team, randomly workout with neighbour at the gym, talking to strangers at the pool. Its part of life and who can guess it is happening 🙂

So, just Keep on going you all. Don’t take ‘I GIVE UP’ in your dictionary at all.  Remember, your journey will amaze you than the outcome.

20140105_083017Completing 8KM in less than an hour. (Official time 56:94)

20140105_064736My bff, mentor and trainer- Fakhitah


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