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Posted on: February 3, 2014

OK, if not my best friend Fiffy remind me that I only had 50 days more to Japan!!!! I am so nervous as I haven’t got any chance to take a deep look at the travel Guide or even read anything about Tokyo!

So today, I took an effort to read as many as possible about Tokyo trip since I will be travel alone!!!

My first Impression on reading about this is, CONFUSINGGG. x.x i could get more confuse by just remembering the name of the Subway Train Line. So, i took a deep breathe and just go on my research about this trip.

Getting to know Japan
Where to Go? What To do?
Live update to the world.
Getting to Know Japan

I can say that This blog helps a lot into my research about Tokyo. Not just that I think all of you need to have extra effort to read about your destination at any bookstores such as MPH, Kinokuniya and find Lonely Planet (Trust me, it helps a lot!), Travel Blog Magazine, National Geography Most visited place etc.

If you are already read all the thing that you want to know, or not knowing what you read, it is completely ok. Just be cool if You understand nothing. The first thing to do is, finding a map of your visiting area. In my case I will be in Tokyo most of the time. You have to get to know your area especially the location of . I’ve got an extra point as an Urban Planner so I don’t find it to be too difficult to understand the Map.

Tokyo located in the Kanto Region and had plenty of train line operating inside the metropolis. Don’t worry! Can you see, Tokyo is only a small district.

Since Tokyo are my destination of interest, i need a Tokyo map! Take it as an easy way, I search in Tokyo-City Guide and Tokyo-Travel Guide at the beginning of my research. Take a deep look at the map as it will help you to plan your route of traveling, so it will reduce cost and your time to travel. Also you need to know very well where you will stay and where is the nearest train or bus station.

Since I will travel alone, I decided to stay at my cousin house somewhere around Yokohama and found out that the nearest station is Tsurumi Station.

Then, I list down all the interesting places and location . Thankiu  Go travel website for already listing the place in an interactive map as one of the resource (But Not the main guidance ok!).

You can see from the interactive map inside the web, They had been listing few places. But i prefer to use the information from the Tokyo City Guide because they divided the area of interest according to its district which is.

  1. Central Tokyo (Imperial Palace, Ginza, Akihabara, Tokyo Tower)
  2. Western Tokyo (Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya)
  3. Northern Tokyo (Ueno, Asakusa, Ikebukuro, Sumo World)
  4. Southern Tokyo (Shinagawa, Minato)
  5. Tokyo Disneyland
  6. Outer Tokyo (Hakone or Nikko)
  7. Mount Fuji

From this moment, you can start searching all the possible place to visit in each district. I just listed a few but you can start search for more because they are so manyyyyy.. It’s up to you how to choose.

I will explain further on my next post about How to plan your journey by train.

3 Responses to "#50daysBeforeJapan2014"

good luck

thankiuuu. nervoussss

mana next post yg dijanjikan. journey by train

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