Rasyiqah Hassan


Posted on: December 30, 2013

This year, i had the most amazing feeling for my birthday. Not because of the celebration with the people that I love but, because after all I realized that appreciating yourself on your special day is the best so far.

On the 24th, I didn’t even went online, checking for any birthday wish on social media (except for whatsapp). I woke up at 6am that day. I did some house cleaning like cleaning the toilet, the house, my kitchen, feeding the fish, watching TV, and enjoying myself  being alone at home. and i felt perfect. ❤ . I go swimming at 10am until 11am. i think because it was Christmas eve morning so, the pool was mine. I enjoy all the city scenery from the pool and once again, i felt perfect.

You know, it’s not that bad celebrating your birthday alone after all.

later at the noon, i went for groceries shopping and cooking lunch for myself. I made a simple lamb curry and roasted potato. a treat for myself. then after that, i watch Victoria Secret Fashion show on TV. hahaha. Later that day, i went for swimming again and yeah, the pool was totally mine that day. awesome right. I bet everyone is going for tea time and Christmas eve dinner. Hurrah again.

and my celebration continue when my bff pick me up for a birthday dinner which i appreciate it very much. I just love that night with all the surprises. It was calm, relaxing and amazing. Thanks also to the other person who completed that night with a phone call too.

Alhamdulillah, praise to the Almighty. I live for another year and  I never been as happy as before. 2013 gives lotsa bad memories but well, a book would have its own story line isn’t it?


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