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Posted on: December 19, 2013


This is a very interesting conversation between me and few friends weeks ago. In our group, it seems like me, nik, and zati who has nobody (apparently) and me and nik are quite not try to care for not having the special one into our life. For us it is normal, although its not normal for certain people.

We both come to agree that, to find Mr right you will immediately have an instant feeling on it. It’s when you sit on the table, together, and there is sparks between you and that lucky Mr right. That kind of sparks is not easy to find. Several ppl might disagree with this bcz they thought relationship need to work things out blablabla. It just after several disappointment in my love life, I began to understand the difference between, loving someone, liking someone and finding a soulmate.

This conversation gets deeper when Fazreen arrived. For having almost 8 years long distance relationship she began to discuss about luck in relationship and all. What caught my attention is her idea about a soulmate. We both knew that loving someone and to be loved by someone is a big matter but how will you know if he is the right one?? Relationship is a gamble for certain circumstances. Even if you get lucky to love and be loved, it does not mean that he is your soulmate.

Then I began to summarize what a soulmate is all about. Sometimes its not the sparks, connection or the chemistry (no sciences applied here, come on be real).
A soulmate is your reflection. He is your mirror. When you look at him, you see yourself in him. And when you see yourself on that person, you began to understand yourself better. You began to realize your own specialty and flaws through that person. And when this happen, you will automatically fix yourself without even need to be ask to do it. Because you know how not perfect you are and what is need to be perfect for your soulmate. And when you understand this concept, you will appreciate every detail of that person. That’s come the concept of fulfilling your other half that is missing. Your soulmate will add it for you. Adjust it for you..so at the end both of you will be equal.

I just disagree when people said the soulmate is the one who knows you better than your self. Honestly, No one knows you better unless your own self (for god sake, people don’t be too cliche on this!). You have to know your own self before ever think of letting anyone else into your life. Your mix feelings will hurt others deeply at one point later on, so don’t play with fire.

I agree with most of our discussion during that night. Sometime it is true. A soulmate does not necessarily will become your lovers. It may come to the terms of friendship or anything. and as long as you are fully aware and realize of their existence. Your soulmate maybe the one who standing right next to you, but well, as a human, we will always miss to look at certain point.

so my advice. Open your eyes. Open your heart anywhere where it is needed. And love yourself. After all, YOU ARE YOUR OWN SAVIOR.

20140123_152220Photos of my recent trip to Bamboo Island, Krabi Province, Thailand.

p/s: Grammar Nazi alert! Lol my english is not good right now.


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