Rasyiqah Hassan

Universal Studio Singapore Trip ( #Part 1 – The journey)

Posted on: June 18, 2012

Hello. since i already promised to update on my Universal Studio Trip last month so here it is. But i just wanna do facts and some guidance to USS.

Since me and cik Nad are using fully public transport going there and going back.

  1. we are going by KTM KL Central straight to Woodland. Easy. Ticket price : Bed RM40-RM46. if you plan to get to Singapore by Train, buy your ticket early, at least 3 weeks before departure. Bcz the tickets normally sold out (for bed). we’re going at night 11pm and arrived at Woodland Train Station around 730am.
  2. From Woodland, the next thing is quite confusing. As we walked out from the station, we got lost and have no idea on how to go to Sentosa. As what i search, we need to find ways to nearest MRT Station but yeah, so both of us was just go with any bus and hopefully they stop at the right place. Bus Ticket to MRT Woodland = SGD1.20
  3. Well, i believed there is nothing to worry as u already at the MRT Station because it would take you direct to Sentosa (but you need to change to several colour line, look at the map carefully). from MRT Woodland change station to the green line at MRT Jurong East then changed again at MRT Outram Park (purple line) then continue your journey to MRT Harbourfront. MRT Ticket = SGD3.40 (you’ll get back SGD 1.00 after returning the MRT card on the machine).
  4. Harbourfront is a shopping mall. So, we do changing clothes and panties and everything at the toilet. Plus, we do have our breakfast too before from here, you actually had the option  whether to go by Bus or monorail. So we choose to use the monorail. ticket : SGD 3.00 (go and return) make sure you keep the ticket very well till the end of your visit.
  5. arrived in front of USS around 930am. quite late than we expected. but still, there is A LOT of people. Lotsa kids too. So, plan your visit. better go during weekdays. Much pleasurable. and less people to play.



So, here is the teaser. Part two coming soon. when I’m not busy.


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