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Simple Plan :’)

Posted on: January 17, 2012

Another day without you with me
Its like a blade that cuts right through me
But I can wait, I can wait forever… 

They finally come to Malaysia after almost 6 years.. And of course I’m the most happiest girl on earth. Ok, ini tipu sebab ramai lagi gadis gadis suke Simple plan.

But well, there’s a lot of accusation had been threw on me on liking this band. Lagi tak ley bla, ada orang tweet, Simple Plan is like Justin Bieber in a group. Well pada akulah, dari dok mencarut carut pasal politik kejadah tu, maki maki keluar kata kesat, lebih baik dengar lagu. Some said, Simple Plan is a kids type band. I wonder, do they really listen to their whole album (Simple plan & Get Your Heart On) ? Because if they do.. they wouldnt say this is a kids type of band. But whatever..making judgement is not my thing. I jst wanna shared what happened on this (perhaps) the most glorious day of mine.

So the one who accompany me is none other that concert lovers -Fiffy Armiza. one of my dear friend back in high school. this most glorious day of mine took place at KL Live, right in front of Wisma KFC Jalan Sultan Ismail. So we set time jumpe depan KL Live around 6pm. I’m out from my hostel around 2pm and take a walk to Pavilion, lepak2 minum kopi kat Starbak secawan dua (harap2 bagi energy untuk melompat) tapi kecundang tersakit kepala pulak.

so i walked from Pavilion around 5pm macamtu to the place. Ingatkan Jauh sebab dalam Map macam jauh je, tp actually the walk is only 10/15 minutes. So takde masalah langsung nak jalan. haha…

The Concert Story

  1. this isnt a joke. Kitorang lined up TIGA KALI dan dihalau sebanyak TIGA KALI oleh guard because bawak camera yang berbentuk seperti SLR. oh come on, tak tahu beza ke SLR and Semi Pro beb??? Tiga kali and muka hampir menangis okeh… finally they let us in after we said the camera is in the car already.
  2. Nasib baik time masuk belum Full House sangat, so, nasib baik juga, hanya me n fiffy togther so moved around tak banyak cerita, we tried hard to find the right spot after several attempt of menyelit-nyelit di bawah ketiak orang dan juga meminta maaf kerana cuba memintas. They were LESS THAN 5 METERS away from us.. which is completely, sangat sangat berbaloi all the hard work.
  3. they started late, around 930pm because of the soundcheck.. Sepatutnya pkl 845 macamtu dah start dah. Tp in the middle of the show pun Drum si Chuck tu rosak then in the middle of the song diorg masih fix it.
  4. It’s not cool at all watching and seeing underage school kids drink beer besides you. and their faces of mencuba-cuba tu memang dasyat ok. sangat!
  5. They sing all of their greatest hits and cover several popular song! which is SANGAT2 BERBALOI  lah pergi.
  6. It is good if you were in your small size. macam my friend Fiffy, she cud just sneak into RM258 punye side easily and NEARER!!!!!!
  7. try my best to enjoy the show and recording before the guard (again!) cuit bahu saying , ‘Give me your camera or no camera’ … so have to let go semi pro and used my bro compact HD cam. hahahahahahha still record baik punya ok!

couldn’t asked more after seing Pierre Bouvier LIVEEE ON STAGE and he is just 3-4 meters away is life worth living!

and yes, I love Simple Plan, no matter what you may say!




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