Rasyiqah Hassan

When Summer’s gone.

Posted on: July 3, 2011


I’m not lazy in updating, it just very difficult to get my own time writing. Padahal to be honest, takdelah buat keje sgt pun kat office. Much likely edit picture, cari maklumat, key in key in data, some light reading on my research, and many more. Most of the time I’ve been busy calling up people here and there about this and that and within two weeks, I am so sick of it.


Blogging is not my priority anymore eventhough I’ve got so much to tell. So much to share. So many things happening in two weeks. I might lovin my live now but still, something is missing. But anyway, there is nothing missing in line when you actually been given God a religion to hold, a family to share, and  friends to swept away your loneliness. And I think i’ll be stupid if I’m not be thankful enuf for all this.


‘The future is nothing, the present is something you must fight for – 🙂


currently enjoying #You Suck At Love by Simple Plan. Dedicate to all ex-s. haha is that too much?


2 Responses to "When Summer’s gone."

all ex-s … wah .. heheh .. aku tau ape yang missing, Harry Potter part 2 !!! hahaha

sukenye kauuuuu

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