Rasyiqah Hassan

Quick Update #2

Posted on: May 16, 2011

It’s end. and it’s over.

kalau diikutkan hati, dah tak mahu ulang lagi semua ni. Doing thesis might be fun for ‘certain’ people, but for me, ia bagaikan satu nyawa di hujung tanduk. I’m sick of it.. and i’m not sure if i’m happy with the result. I just don’t care. Dekan tak dekan, janji pass. Lagipun, nak kejar dekan ni macam dah takde hati sgt since result aku jatuh pada 2nd semester tu. tak tahulah kenapa. Mmg best dpt medal tp, ntahlah..

I’m not happy with my work so far. this previous week mmg cam ape je tah. Struggle yang termelampau. I cried every night sitting in front my pc doing those stuff..my fingers got cramp after 18 hours typing non-stop. I even rely to much on Ponstant [Ubat migrain], and my body are too weak to hold on. Plus, i don’t know why I started to miss him during this lowest period of time, bcz i know, he will said something encouraging and something cheerful if we’re still together. But, that time, i just need to stay focus on my work, even it is so hard and so difficult.

My exam ? I don’t really satisfied with my exams.. I mean i’ve got one subject B- and it’s killing me deeply. I accept the fact that i am not smart like the old times. and somehow I just don’t care..I do care to stay balance in both education + religion .. so takpelah. Rezeki tu dimana mana..

p/s : Got rejected by Cardiff, but Leeds shows a vr high interest in me.Hummm… dalam byk2 perkara tak gembira, akan tetap dtg perkara yang menggembirakan.


1 Response to "Quick Update #2"

be a good girl. itu je. 😉 miss all time we are together.

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