Rasyiqah Hassan

Life so far

Posted on: April 30, 2011

Alhamdulillah, but to be honest Im not really statiesfied with my FYP project, I mean I am very confident of my research, it just on  my witting performance. IDK what else to say. I am not american, so ppl can’t expect me to have Excellent High Class English Academic writting. Sekurang-kurangnye sedar diri la kan english tak power mana. Well, spoken language and written language are way different. Unless you’ve got 8 or 9 on IELTS, baru ko layak nak kutuk english org, kalau tak..sila sedar diri.

Enough on that, I’m so proud with my work and attitude so far. Tak sabar nak sambung belajar. Heriot-Watt are calling long way from Edinburgh. To be honest, takdelah fikir sgt psl ni, since aku rasa tak elok  terkejar kejar nak sambung belajar. Jika ada luck and rezeki, InsyaAllah tak kemana impian tu. dah cuba kan. Ini ialah permulaan. Ni juga semangat utk rakan rakan lain diluar sana k. Ilmu tu tiada batasan, yang penting kerana Allah, bukan kerana nama, atau nak belagak. So tak kiralah sekarang ke, tahun depan ke, lepas kawen ke or dah tua ke..  Setiap hari kita belajar ilmu baru – Ferdzani Jaar.  Just appreciate the time left, and every moment.

p/s : silence doesn’t mean a person is  weak as you think he/she is.

p/s/t : You left during my lowest period of time. and if you think I will happy, you’re probably right and probably wrong. There is no suitable answer for that

thankiu for reading this. 🙂


2 Responses to "Life so far"

good luck chiby! rezeki akan sentiasa bersama org berusaha.

masa depan tak siapa tahu. 🙂

skills can be improved. and even talent pun boleh dilatih. hehe. good job sayang!!

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