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Posted on: April 10, 2011

it’s been very cold lately. Hujan-panas-Hujan. bukti tuhan marah dgn manusia. lepastu status kat Fb sume merungut panas panas. but It’s ok..janji bukan aku.

haha, i was just finished googling Red Velvet Cake untuk dibuat apabila balik ke rumah nanti. kind of easy tp Topping cheese die agak leceh jugak. Not include bahan bahan yang agak wow mahalnya. But takpe.. bile lagi nk experiment ngn Dapur kan. ini jelah masanya. Nnati dah kerja dah takde masa nak buat all this things. So akhirnya jumpelah, yang berbhasa malaysia, sbb ingredients english ni tak berapa nak faham sangat.

so It almost 6pm now, the rain has stop. I love the smell after rain. sgt best and menenangkan. ditambah bunyi cengkerik yang sangta kuat ni.. dan segelas hot Vanilla tea+ cuppies yang dibeli dari Simply Good Cakes. My favourite Cuppies in JB. sgt cheap ok. kalau org lain jual medium size of cuppies almost RM3 each. but here is only RM1.55/each. sangat sedap. even cheese cake die pun baru RM50 kalau nak compare to other bakery kat malaysia ni. this is one of the thing I’m going to miss when I left Skudai soon.

btw, i got very poetic today so I wrote something. Since my neighbour pinjam Mr starry tak pulang lagi, I was just playing in my head. Don’t laugh because it’s cheesy.

It was raining
and i pour a hot cup of tea
into a glass of boiling water
and then I called my friend
telling them how great to have
one piece of cake
in the middle of nowhere
and now its raining
reminds me of him
how he comfort me during the coldest days
and it still raining
i just think I should just stop
remembering you
who left without words
So, I’ll sit back
with my favourite vanilla tea,
and Buttercream cupcakes
thinking of what should I do
for tomorrow onwards.


gaya aku menulis sgt berubah la. ikut keadaan.  🙂


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