Rasyiqah Hassan

midnite update

Posted on: March 17, 2011

Ive been really busy lately.

so quick update.

  • getting a feedback from one of my closest friend in Puteri about my thesis makes me think [not twice] but trillion times of taking IELTS. Have really lack of confidence.
  • I tumblr too much. Ive gone crazy by midnight and must say this gotta stop. NOW
  • Happy belated birthday to my dear Zulhilmy Rosnan. I miss you. I miss your gayers Ferdzani too. hujung minggu lepak ler.
  • guess what? I’ll passed 13.03.2011 successfully. I talk to  Fariq about it and well.. dah macam biasa dah la.. but, well.. it such a waste kan. nvrmnd.
  • I can’t even wait to meet my cousins and going back home tomorrow. I can’t wait to hug my father bcz i really miss him.
  • I hope my plan for Hot Air Ballon Festival tu success la Sabtu ni, hope MABEC reply my application asap, Supervisor tak correct banyak thesis, and semua berjalan lancar. Oh yes, UK Education Fair 2011 @KLCC this weekend. InsyaAllah.
  • asyik replay lagu Farah asyikin – helo. beratus kali sehari. ye sila dengar ok. sgt best
  • masih tak faham kenapa nak menyusahkan diri sendiri lagi? hahaha
  • masih tak dapat dapat main chord susah-susah. Lack of focus lately. takley main smabil hati tak gembira.



p/s improving skills still on going!


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see you on saturday!!

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