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Harry Potter movies sneak peak.

Posted on: November 22, 2010

Since I am the only one who tak balik kampung on Haj- , I found myself into something like -watching movies. [take note dear Izyan and Epai] yeah yeah, and going to watch Harry Potter 7 with my bro is SO NOT A GOOD IDEA, but who else left. I have too, if I wanted to watched it for free, I NEED TO TAGGED ALANG along. hahaha. I am so evil.

Well, i was entirely very very verrry exited in this last movie. and I am so happy when they doing it in two different part. but frankly speaking, the half blood prince are also should be in two different part [ok denied the fact that Half Blood Prince is my HP favourite book ever]. amazingly all went well in this movie [plz ignore the fact that i need to explain to my brother what is hocrux bla bla bla] n he is so into emma watson, i mean come on!.


but, always, there is come to a disspointment in this movie.. ok macam scene Harry walked into Sirius Black room, this scene is actually must be very importtant bcz it relates to the next part but HOW COME THE DIRECTOR DELETE THE SCENE. ok ok calm down.well, just so let u know, sepatutnya in the room, Harry found a letter written to Sirius from her mother, Lily. and the letter is 2 pages but the last page of it has been missing.. ok nampak biasa but the truth is, this is a very emotional scene for harry at the end because the last page is taken by Snape [the you-think-he’s-evil professor], because the last page has lily signature and snape wants to keep it. awww really I get into nerve if the director doesnt show how good snape was actually in protecting harry in part 2. like seriously.


1st scene mmg dah impres habis la. fighting on air, Hedwig died mmg sgt emotional.dobby’s death scene, and the fact that they shooting outside studio brings emotion lebih la. and the fact that my bro besides me, makes me cover up the tears..the running scene, i mean wow.. really exiting. mmg sgt real kot, running and fighting. haha cuak siot. scene dalam rumah tu pun, cuak…ular oh ular. ok malas nk continue, seriously hope part 2 deliver the best of the end.. korang pegilah tengok k. tak rugi pun tapi keep tahan la, 3 jam dlm movie.. hahah

but the most waited scene ever…


Ron and Hermione first kiss after what? 7 years..


2 Responses to "Harry Potter movies sneak peak."

babe.tunggu r ak tgk dulu bru review. gile kejam bai!! hahahahha

Enjoyed reading this, will check back soon!

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