Rasyiqah Hassan


Posted on: October 24, 2010

I have a lot and tans of work upcoming week. But i still wanna write about something.

sacrifice. I ‘ve trying to avoid talking about love sacrificing. or whatever it called. How much how many and how well u had sacrifice for a person. I dont know myself. I dont if I call it a sacrifice or it just a thing I could do.

I won’t judge other people, at least I dont easily judge as I do know, everyone has reason for being who they are. I belive finding mistakes in a person is just a shame on you. You are not perfect either anyway, so stop judging people. but world never let you be positive on this. There is always devil whispers on something, someone that make you couldnt stop judging.

it is also a white sacrifice. To change a perception, tp change peoples mind. If we’re just positive, there will be no war, there will be no dirty politics..or else.

i never know what i’ve done so far, whether its good or its bad. Its true or its not. I dont even know if i’m being myself or just go with the opposite. I dont know, we dont know. But if i mention, i had sacrificed a LOT on someone else. A friend, ex-friend, family [always come at the back], It is not a sincere sacrificing. we should never talked about how much we sacrifice for other people. They don’t know, so let them know nothing. for me, it is much beautiful when they know nothing..because there is always a good thing at the end. you just have to believe in Allah. never fade. U might not believe in your friend but never never never not believe in Allah. Allah are the friend that we’ll always forgotten. HE sacrifice much more, milliond dizzillions more that we are.

to create us, to shape us and to see how we never be thankful.

I’m trying to change too, so please let me.


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