Rasyiqah Hassan

satu peluang sahaja.

Posted on: April 8, 2010

i had a weird dream last night.

Hurm, begins with my brothers wedding. Bangun2 je rasa sgt sedey. to know that having a brother who keeps membuli u when he got a chance and yet still giving you some amount of money for fun, akan meninggalkan u melangkah ke alam baru. mcm tak ley nak terima sgt. to know that he’ll might forgetting his responsibility towards you.. urghh, i am so freaking out about this to happened.

the girl who will become his wife soon, plz plz plz tc of my brother. I love both of them, even sumtimes i hate  dislike of what they did. hahaha.. still, u cant touch the bond! mengenangkan hari itu bakal menjelma. rasa sangat tertekan. sudah pasti duit rayaku berkurangan. duit poketku tiada lagi. dan lain-lain spt tidak boleh meminjam kereta. arghh, semua nak kene minta permission wife lah pulak kan.

other thing is about something that is bothering me. A promise! hurm, kenapa ye susah nak berjanji?. It is not i ask someone to put his life with me or what, it just a promise. well, tak semestinya kene promise mcm2 kan, just nk sejukkan hati pun tak boleh ke? kene belajar buat ayat actually ex : ‘i promised as long as i live… bla bla bla..’… or simple2 promises yg tak menjurus ke arah yg tak betul. hurm, myb my fault to ask that question. I shouldnt ask or say that at the first place. I’m sorry. Just, dont ask or text me to ask about this k. i want to forget about it!

btw, my former band dah upload lagu baru ‘peluang‘. if anyone got chance please tune in. =). hum, i miss studio n jamming sampai pagi with them!


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