Rasyiqah Hassan

while waiting for the rain to stop…

Posted on: March 20, 2010

I spent my whole night reading Seth’s Blog. at first, I intended not too. but well, i think i need to knew him more. Since all the bf/gf thingy haha..

I was quite surprised  to figure out that I’m not the kinda-jealous-type-of-person when i read of his blog. Well, memories always stays and I have no intention to asked him to erase all that sort of memories of ex-s, gf/girls etc bla bla bla. As i’ve got mine too. So we’re equal. But there is something I like in his writing, they way he wrote about everything. And they way he felt on something makes me feel not very good. I am scared if I cant make him happy. If  i cant make him feel the way he supposed too.. and I dont know why, but that makes my love go stronger.

Dear you. It’s ok if u dont text/call or what-so-ever. I’m cool with it. I know you miss me. As I do. and i can fit to your situation. First sem needs lotsa concentration.  I wont disturb you so much.  See Seth, dah lame tak tulis in english dah berterabur. but Well, we’re just have to maintain this feeling.. He’s good, for god sake. He’s adorable. I know. AND i wont wrote so much about you after this. Takut org menyampah kan. haha.. u know how romantic I could be. hahahaaaa.. so biarlah awak dan saya saja yang tahu.

And i am writing this just to let everyone knows that, when you’re in love, everything will be running around. hahah Got it?

oh anyway, Seth Sofian, jgn nakal2. kalau tak saya sekeh awak.  =)


2 Responses to "while waiting for the rain to stop…"

alaaaa. tulis je la lagi pasal seth. we want more!! we want more!!

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