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Hari Kenderaan Awam Sedunia!

Posted on: December 7, 2009

Since I’m the one who plan the day out, THEY HAVE to listen to me. So we got to Pavillion by Train. (evil laugh).  yeah, sice Nik + Zati actually both have car.. but none has offered. It is the day of Public Transportation day!

So, as I planned (again coz I’m the master mind) to go by train and we nned to arrived by 11am. Here is our schedule.

7.00 am – Wake up! Get ready

7.45 am – Actually I shud pick Ean from her house with my motorbike but i change the plan bcz my dear dad force me to have breakfast with him. so I spent 30 mins on the dining table.

8.00 am– Nik text saying she just woke up! haha changing plan again! to 830am from house to KTM!

8.30 am– finally get out from my homie.

9-11 am -In the Train. heading to KL Central. nik busying chatting with Ean since they’re wayyyy so long haven’t seen each other. But they to them self into trouble when a so-called-Muallaf asking for 5 bucks from them instantly. With pack passenger in the train, how possible u cud ever give money to a strangers?

11.00 am– Arrive at Pavilion. Sempat amek gambar Jap at the front of Pavi. Ok DRESSS FINDING!

11.30 am– 7 items I’ve tried pout but none of them suits me or I like. Demn!

12.30 am– Finally!! Blue cotton dress which I like! with a suitable price. Thankiu my friend for your kindly accompany.

Blue Cotton F21

1.00pm – Nik said we onli have 1/2 hours for lunch since thinking of how packed the PC fair would be.  but then we eat for an hour at Pizza Hut. Trust me. I don’t recommended u this Pavilions Pizza. Imagine, No stuff Crust? what is it?? then we go for prayers and with all my will i bought Miss T Purple stripes bag!

Purple Stripes Miss T bag

2 something pm – well, tell u, GOSH lotsa peeps at PWTC! and still, we walked to KLCC from Pavilion. How cool in saving environment! then I text Low (my bandmates) saying I was in KL as I promised.

3.00pm– Ok this is like really in hell. Me and Nik lost Ean and Zati just after few mins we’ve got in! then I lost Nik since I’ve been looking for Epul and Low in Hall 4 and they are in Hall 2 (Epul get lost actually). And I can’t find any of them. *shit* and my friends are gone. They are few hundreds in my bag. I felt unsecured! uish!  I keep calling three of them and yet they are too bz with Searching HDD and Headphones and many many stuff!  Then ezati told me about the fight between 3 famous Line in Msia -MAXIS, DG, & CELCOM. I forced her to follow!

Then the DG guy promoted free modem but monthly payment for broadband. I called Nadiah for help! but then i’m torn in 2. Nak ke tak maw?? nak nagis plak pikir.  then, Well, sign up ajelah. tak rugi kot!

PC Fair stuff.

4.30 pm– Ok we get ourself out! I found Epul+ Low finally! Heading to KLCC to get Zati SLR! and me to Nokia to get Xpress Music! But then, well. habis stock lah pulak. ini macam ka???? I felt totally like an idiot! my friend knew why. And their feet hurts a lot. Ean make a signals ‘NO NO NO’. They refuse to took my picture using Zati SLR! because of the idea of walking. Cis!

4.3sumthing pm– ok, Epul asked for a meeting. Due to my band lah. Tak sangka mereka masih menganggap aku bandmet diorg! haha. so we discuss a little bit this and that. It’s normal conversation. really. No fights at all. haha. Pity Panjang for not being there too.

Meeting di Tengah Jalan

5.00 pm– Butts off. Get back. Again, line up with tons of people for Lrt tixs. Haha. Heading to Central market where we may used bus to Seremban. Save time!

The bus driver open up 2012 Movie tu…. haha rasa tha movie baru kuar je. Dah ada DVD. giler ah.

6.00 pm– we got home. Three of us skip Asar accidently. I made statement in the bus that we are Musaffir. Ean Keep laugh about it in the bus. Ok ok. I’ve got my Xpress at T1 seremban. Nice huh? hihi all the way to kl but lastly end up buying hp in my hometown! giler best!


7.00pm– emm, we have nobody to pick us up from T1 so we decided to take a bus! Memanglah Hari Pengangkutan Awam Sedunia. haha . its ezati first time. The bus smells like shit! yuk!

7.45 pm– my foot already at the gate house. hahahahahaha…

later that night, i’ve been discussing with Ezati n Nik abkout the journey. I was actually so much fun but, our legs/foot/jarijemari hurts like hell demn! we’ve been walking along KL.  This is what zati says.

Facebook Conversation

kesimpulannya : next time g KL akan naik kereta!

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2 Responses to "Hari Kenderaan Awam Sedunia!"

hahaha sgt bes weh!..knpm kaki ko cm nk patah abs kn??..haha..dat dress is cute!

sangat best!!!! huhu. sib baik ak ikut. if x..mmg mnyesal tak sudah weh. huhu. syiok! syiok! syiok!

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