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Posted on: November 11, 2009

Red Box Rocks for three hours straight. actually quite disappointing sahabat tak datang that remarkable day. Haha never mind, with the heavy rain n stuff, its forgivable. btw Sahabat, it is quite nice for having 5 hours texting me and accompany in the maximum weight of train passenger, I’m honestly glad!

btw, reverse back to friday night, by having Pyjamas Party- thankiu me for this idea and thankiu Mel for letting her room to be the location.. btw, I’m looking foward to my birth date! Yay, how exiting becoming 21st… I can’t imagine how it feels.. how u feel when becoming 21st?

ok i’ve been googling pictures of birthday cake (see, i’m so childish!) and i choose something suit to my taste. If you could ask lots my friend  how much i love eating cakes and cookies back to years before. haha


My Dream Cake...

ok this is like so childish..

I know but i can’t help it.. Futher on,  i’m looking foward to buy a new Handphone but i’m still confuse on which brand. Ok, i record a lot, i need an unlimited recording bla bla bla… and i need something with radio + GPRS ok this is really mengarut. come on all handphone have this. Actually, i wanna say i am really simple. I don’t care what brand it was (since i’m not a brandie girls + quite tasteless). as along as t have  good recording voice. That’s all matters.

i want a lot for my birthday. my sketch book.. no no. i need inspration. i need the feeling… i just have to have once. i wanna be as positive as i can..n  i just read something on google,

“life is a math, whether u like or leave the numbers. if you continue to finished the equation, u know it’ll be exiting. But when u choose to stop, u are actually giving up to know the next step.”

Maths vs Science

maths n Positive

for  god sake, i will have FOREVER 21 dress in my closet soon!!!!!!!



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