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jika kisah ini mereka tahu..

Posted on: September 22, 2009

There are four types of men that I have met so far. Yet few of them still remain in touch while one of them is now forgettable.

1. He care in a very odd way
2. He seems not to care so much but actually things that happened really matters for him.
3. He is for fun. He knew that but yet, he just not really think about it so much
4. He is the one that I always forget. But he never forgets me.

I’ve met number 1 before anybody else. He’s the reason I have known the others numbers. We use to get along, I knew he think of that too but for certain reason, and we just can’t talk anymore. My fault perhaps, otherwise I know that is all begin with me. If you know how sorry I am for the relationship we have now. For some reason I just think that it’s better be this way.. or we will just fighting and keep doing the same thing face to face. I get that more than enough.

How exiting knowing number 2, you have no idea. But this excitement has gone very far away. I don’t know why. I just keep thinking about it. Not his fault, could never be. Maybe I’m just to tired chasing a person who I could be hoping for to texting me or saying hello once in awhile. I guess the distance we had now has separated us more that we usually think. Let say just keep quite. I never forget you, it just I think for some reason, I have to let go than still hoping.

I’m a lonely person, number 3 become the entertainer. With him, I never failed to feel happy. But yes, it seems that I used him for my own goods. Friend should never be this way right? I’m sorry. I’ve tried to change.

Number 4 touch me a lot. He’s the one who I think the only one (between the other three) who saying hello, and even ask me of “how do I do.”. he’s the one I keep forgetting while too bz with number 1,2 and 3. He never forgets me. And I’m surprised by that. If he ever knew of how much I appreciates the way number 4 does and hoping that number 1,2 and 3 would do the same.

Never kot.

But when it comes to friends, we can’t say that if we want somebody to be our bestfriend to bad, but actually that somebody never felt anything. And there is somebody actually care about us and they will surprised you in many ways, but we never really care about them. They’re invisible for us. But these somebody who is appreciates us more that anyone. Bila dah hilang baru nak rasa kan?

Number 1, to let you know, I get rid of many things. I’m so thankful to u for many things. And I’m not regret of losing this friendship as I do know, it my fault anyway.

Number 2, to let you know, I love you more than the others. I miss you more than the others. But I wanna walked away. I can’t live with the thoughts of never care. Thankiu bcz u’d changed me in so many ways and most of them is a good one.

Number 3, to let you know, there is no reason of whatever would change if it’s not because of you!

Number 4, to let you know, having you could be the best part ever.


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