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Posted on: August 27, 2009


I need to answer a few questions before I chose who I want to give this award to.

QUESTION 1 : 5 Interesting facts about the award giver.

Ipai. a.k.a Naufal Shuhaimi.

Whatever it is, I love YOU dude!

  1. Sweet Revenge. No Lah, he IS one such a SWEET guy.
  2. Busy woman/Guy. Orang penting college lah katakan.
  3. Cat’s Lover I think. Nasib kucing2 ko comel.
  4. 10 years ago, I am the passenger of your mum’s car, then our mum became best friend, then we became friends, then our mum start reprting our activities, then…here we are, still standing.
  5. For almost 10 years- cheers buddy..

QUESTION 2 :Setiap blogger harus menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya …

  1. I am instrument lover. I play piano and currently learning guitar.
  2. I wrote few songs for myself, so i learned guitar to get the tune. Thanks to member of KUPU for encourgement. (Panjang, Epul, Low, n Baba- u never forgotten)
  3. I hate kucing terbiar. Really. even my sister’s one.
  4. I looked foward, i mean, sgt fikir detail tentang masa depan. I have aims. Contoh : ANugerah Naib Cancelor. (wah~~)
  5. I love art things. esp Muzium, abstact Painting, Tapak Sulaiman. (bosan ek? aku tak kisah)
  6. Sensitive? I think more to emotional. But but, i think piano player memang macam tu.
  7. Don’t threw me a fit. because i might give you the most disgusting act ever!
  8. particulary clean.
  9. I wanna be an architect.. still.
  10. I love my friends. even most of them fucking my life. but still, i love them. (back to number 7). Blame me for being december baby.
  11. I wanna go oversea so badly.
  12. Sorry for having number 11 & 12.

I need to chose ten peeps to give this award to. Hmm.

  1. Nadiah- Bestmate n I think one of the popular blogger.
  2. Princess Liyana – Where are you cikgu?
  3. Annys – my twin. =P
  4. Baba – ex-drummer KUPU. an awesome friend REALLY.
  5. Petek – I wonder  if you knows this blog.
  6. Fazreen – She gives lotsa information for extra knowlegde. Good blogger!
  7. Pipit?- nak jawab ke budak ni?
  8. Errr… tell you later.

What ever it is. You are awesome. Thanks Epai. I love you n you knew this rite?


3 Responses to "Tagged Award"

x sangka ko jawab tag doo.selalu nie x pernh tag aku ko jawab kan

I love my friends. even most of them fucking my life. macam gampang ayat.

tak senonoh!!

haha! kantoi ingat aku tak bace blog ni eh! tapi taktau nak buat ke tak….hmmmm 😛

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