Rasyiqah Hassan

is it a mistake???

Posted on: September 22, 2008


We’re HOLDING hands..


And I know we shouldn’t..


6 Responses to "is it a mistake???"

esh bulan puasa X)

it is not la k..len org len r prangainye..so..snanye kne byk sbr..and ade sumone ni pnah kate kat ak..if you have nothing good to say,it is good to say nothing at all..ha..paham..dgn ini..sgala pergaduhan..insyallah leh dielakkan..ermm..kne konsep tak??..ngeh3..i miss you sheeqs..

em…hehe..apa nak ckp ek?;p

we always thought we knoe things we dont knoe.and things we thought we knoe turn to be thigs we dont knoe at all.

Ya betul tp time tu dah malam dah..

ape ko ckp mcm takde kene mengena ngn post je atau aku yg tak phm?

Masa tu pun sy agak speechless

i don’t know and never be sure about that things.

mungkin ko yan tak pham..huhu..ko nk mksudkan ape snanye??bout things yang happen lately kan??

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